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HNS Group pioneered in delivering the highest quality, having excellent designs and conveyance over time.


HNS Group, founded in 1961, is a leading Real-Estate development organization in the International market. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of successfully completing residential, commercial, retail, hospitality and leisure developments in the UK, Canada, France, Turkey, Egypt, the UAE and elsewhere across the world.

HNS Group – Egypt developed & constructed a Luxury residential, retail & business properties in Egypt’s best-known luxury districts

In 2005, HNS Group opened a subsidiary office in Egypt and acquired substantial real estate holdings for development in Cairo. The company’s signature development in Egypt is Sun City shopping mall, a 200,000-square-metre state-of-the-art and mixed-use, touristic, retail and entertainment complex.

In addition to Suncity Mall, the Group also has other office and luxury residential properties strategically located throughout Cairo.


The core principles of HNS Group are its strong commitment to the needs of the community, coupled with professional ethics and unwavering entrepreneurial spirit. Instrumental to the success of HNS Group have been a pioneering spirit and the ability to anticipate the requirements of local communities in both established and emerging markets.Whether returning former residences to commercial centres, or providing retail and entertainment complexes for residential neighbourhoods, our focus is not just to follow but to set new trends in our industry.

A primary goal of the group is to utilize our global reach to take advantage of our position in the industry. In developing projects, HNS Group distinguishes itself by applying an international perspective. This is made possible by the excellence of our staff of experienced professionals from around the globe, giving the company the unique ability to bring significant resources to any given project.

Hussein Nuaman SoufrakiChairman – HNS Group


HNS General Contractors, the first of the HNS Group of companies, witnessed exponential growth within a very short period. The company was awarded the qualification of First Class Contractor by 1966, placing it on par with the largest construction companies in Libya and the surrounding region at that time.

This qualification allowed us to bid for local and international projects in excess of three million US dollars. We continued to grow at an even more rapid rate and expanded from our core construction and engineering activities into fresh areas of commerce by adding new companies with automotive and truck distributorships, and the oil and gas equipment sectors.


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